SPX and Shirley Jackson

Table assignements are up for SPX!   I’ll be at table W28, premiering the new Ninth Art Press anthology, The Shirley Jackson Project, edited by Rob Kirby.

cover reduced

Seventeen acclaimed alternative cartoonists explore and celebrate the work of the legendary mid-20th century author Shirley Jackson (“The Lottery,” The Haunting of Hill House, We Have Always Lived in the Castle), including Colleen Frakes, Katie Fricas, Annie Murphy, Josh Simmons, and Maggie Umber. Edited by Ignatz Award-winner Robert Kirby and published by Dan Mazur’s Ninth Art Press.

I published this book (in my Ninth Art Press costume), and I’m also a contributor (gee, they accepted my story!).  Here’s the first page of my piece:

p1 v1 jpg

Sharing the table with me will be my amiable and talented friends, Jesse Lonergan (who will bring his newsprint epic Hedra)….hedra 2

…and Whit Taylor!  Whit will have a top-secret new project on the table.  No preview available yet, but here’s a peek at her recent piece for the Nib, Finding Your Roots.




Boston Comic Con!!

I’ll be at the Ninth Art Press/Dan Mazur table (because, y’;know, I am Ninth Art Press) at Boston Comic Con this weekend: August 12-14, table D724. Sharing with me will be the great Jesse Lonergan, who’ll have a selection of prints, along with the magnificent HEDRA And we’re right next to the Boston Comics Roundtable table (D723), with its world premiere of BOUNDLESS (which I have a story in).  Here’s what’ll be on my table:

The Jernegan Solution
cover color 2f resizedjpg

Jesse Lonergan’s HEDRA
hedra 2

art by Jesse Lonergan, story by Dan Mazur

Cold Wind cover



The Drawing Board – Cartoonists Drawing on the Tube!


Jon Juniman and Levon Gyulkhasian in the first episode of "The Drawing Board"
Jon Juniman and Levon Gyulkhasian in the first episode of “The Drawing Board”

Starting this evening  (Sunday at 5:30, then again on Tuesday night at 10), the first episode of “The Drawing Board” will air on Cambridge Community Television.  

The Drawing Board is a new cable television show featuring independent cartoonists playing drawing games, and being interviewed about their work.  Episode one features Levon Ghulkaysian, Cathy Leamy, Jon Juniman, Dan Mazur, who is also the host of the show.  Susan Chasen is the producer.

Of course, only in Cambridge can you see this show on cable TV, but fear not: the show can be seen on Vimeo as well.

An additional segment from the show, with Heide Solbrig added, will soon be available as a separate bonus game on Vimeo.  Youtube soon as well.

In upcoming episodes you can see more cartoonists, like Joel Gill, Mehitabel Glenhaber, EJ Barnes, Zach Giallongo, Roho, Olivia Li, L. J-Baptiste, Cara Bean, Caroline Hu and Donna Martinez.