Hooves of Death, studies.

Studies from Golden Age comics, and sketches for figures on page 9 of “Hooves of Death,” comic I’m drawing from a script by Troy Minkowsky.  studies p 9 JPGstudies p 9 2 JPG

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Hooves of Death, part 2 preview: The Evil Horse Gets the Upper Hoof!

I just drew the same panel — page 8, panel 5 — four times.   panel 5 v 1J Version 1, in the original page.  I got feedback that it looked like the horse was crushing his feet, and I didn’t like the falling figure much, and I thought I could do better on the horse. panel 5 v 2J Version 2 (aborted).  I can’t remember what I didn’t like about this one, actually.  Maybe the fact that the horse looks like a large sausage,  not enough detail in the reflections off the fur.  Oh also I think the guy is too big relative to the horse? panel 5 v 3 jVersion 3… Everything better, except the way I changed the position of the horse (in order to make it bigger), making the panel less dynamic. Now the horse looks stiff and even more sausage-y.  Also, still relative size problems.  Either a very large man or a pony, not a horse.

panel 5 v 4 J OK.  The figure was probably better in 2 and 3, but overall the best, I think. Composition works… I think my best horse, and put more care into the background details as well. Oh, well, time to move on…  wait, actually… I think there should be heavier shadows on the guy’s right leg…

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Hooves of Death!!!! (part 1)

Five years ago, there was this project going to happen… an anthology of stories based on Golden Age heroes in the public domain.  Troy Minkowsky wrote a crazy script about an obscure Nedor character called “The Ghost,” and I started drawing it.  Then the book project fell apart**, and I got busy on other things and left it half-drawn.  Well, the time has come to finish it, and I’m at work.  Here are the five pages I drew back in ’10.  The new ones coming soon….

(**CORRECTION!  My mistake, the book WAS published… Dime Box Comics from Fat Cat Funnies.  So we’re just running about 5 years late on the deadline.  I’m sure they’ll still be able to squeeze us in.)

Ghost 1 reduced



Ghost 2 reduced


p 3 reduced


p4 reduced


p 5 reduced

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MICE art show – original comic art

2015 MICE art show invite

Lots of great comic art in this show at the MICE space at Lesley. Including the originals for the first three pages of my Sagittarius story from What’s Your Sign, Girl?:Sagittarius 1 flatSagittarius 2 flatSagittarius 3 flat

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The Drawing Board – Cartoonists Drawing on the Tube!


Jon Juniman and Levon Gyulkhasian in the first episode of "The Drawing Board"

Jon Juniman and Levon Gyulkhasian in the first episode of “The Drawing Board”

Starting this evening  (Sunday at 5:30, then again on Tuesday night at 10), the first episode of “The Drawing Board” will air on Cambridge Community Television.  

The Drawing Board is a new cable television show featuring independent cartoonists playing drawing games, and being interviewed about their work.  Episode one features Levon Ghulkaysian, Cathy Leamy, Jon Juniman, Dan Mazur, who is also the host of the show.  Susan Chasen is the producer.

Of course, only in Cambridge can you see this show on cable TV, but fear not: the show can be seen on Vimeo as well.

An additional segment from the show, with Heide Solbrig added, will soon be available as a separate bonus game on Vimeo.  Youtube soon as well.

In upcoming episodes you can see more cartoonists, like Joel Gill, Mehitabel Glenhaber, EJ Barnes, Zach Giallongo, Roho, Olivia Li, L. J-Baptiste, Cara Bean, Caroline Hu and Donna Martinez.

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