The Eunice Williams Story, page 11

Page eleven of the story I’m working on for Fulcrum Press & Jason Rodriguez’s Colonial Comics anthology.  Another scene at Kahnawake.   THIS was all I had for a “script:” Eunice, about 15 years old, working in the fields, when she sees a handsome young warrior coming back from the hunt. Zing! This would be […]

The Eunice Williams Story page 10

Page 10 of the project I’m working on for Jason Rodriguez’s Colonial Comics anthology from Fulcrum Press. My outline-y script reads: Eunice further assimilated into Kahnwake culture. Daily life centers very much around corn: planting, gathering, drying, grinding, cooking. Being invited with the women to the fields is a big moment. The home life in […]

The Eunice Williams Story p 9

The next page for this story, about the aftermath of the Indian raid on Deerfield Mass. in 1704, which I’m working on for the Colonial Comics anthology from Fulcrum Press, was originally scripted like this:   PAGE 9  Page to be divided diagonally, maybe. JOHN HALF: John returns to Boston.  He becomes a celebrity, delivering sermons […]

The Eunice Williams Story page 8

The next page in the story I’m drawing for Fulcrum Press‘ Colonial Comics anthology. My “script” for the page: PAGE 8 The Mohawk children have an easy life.  Running around and playing.  Eunice watches shyly as they play.  They call her over.  Then she is playing with them.   Thumbnail: As you can see I added […]

The Eunice Williams Story – pages 6 & 7

Continuing the process of drawing a short comic about John and Eunice Williams and the Deerfield Raid of 1704, for Colonial Comics anthology from Fulcrum Press… Where the first 5 pages were primarily visual, these two switch to a dialogue mode.  The majority of the dialogue is taken from John Williams’ text, some of it […]

The Eunice Williams Story – page 5

  I don’t guess the following merits the word “script,” but this is what I was working from for this page: PAGE 5 At Kahnawake, Eunice is welcomed warmly, embraced by her Indian “mother.”  Her rags are taken off and she is dressed in a new outfit, in the style of the Mohawk girls. NOTES: […]

The Eunice Williams story – Page 4

   Script for page 4: PAGE 4 I begged of God, to over-rule, in his providence, that the corpse of one so dear to me, and of one whose spirit he had taken to dwell with him in glory, might meet with a Christian burial, and not be left for meat to the fowls of […]

The Eunice Williams story – Page 3

The third page of the story I’m working on for the Colonial Comics anthology from Fulcrum Books.  The script for this page (notice a little bit of overlap with the last panel of page 2, I split one scene into two:) PAGE 3. Long march begins, 80 captives and 250 Indians and French soldiers, through […]

Eunice Williams Story – Page 2

My script for the page: PAGE 2: “I cannot relate the distressing care I had for my dear wife, who had lain-in but a few weeks before, and for my poor children” Eunice (mother) clutches her children (including Eunice, daughter, 7), as Mohawk warriors menace them. Warriors kill 2 children: a six-week old and four year old. […]