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Captives: the Story of Eunice and John Williams  

page7 DETAIL


Originally published in Colonial Comics, New England: 1620 – 1750 






Open Structure

DanMazur OS p5 DETAIL


Originally published in Show and Tell: A Collection of Comics About Teaching and Learning





Read “The Last” at Off-Registration

My comic “The Last” was included in the onlinemagazine Off-Registration – go to page 40!




“From Afar”
Originally published in Boston Comics Roundtable’s Inbound #3





“Seafood Sundae”
(Published in “Leftovers of the Living Dead,” Fatcat Funnies, 2010.)

Palindromes, cartoonified.

“The Last Act”
Published in Boston Comics Roundtable’s “Inbound 4: A Comic Book History of Boston”

The Complete Epic! Originally serialized in the Topanga Messenger.

“Lummox” Chapter 1

“Lummox” Chapter 2
“Lummox” Chapter 3 – coming soon!






“Four Reasons Why There’s Nothing Like Christmas
A series of holiday-themed panel gags.

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