Boston Powers Y2 Kickstarter is Live

Now through September 17, Boston Comics Roundtable is raising funds for the second year of “Boston Powers,” Superhero comics for kids, set in and around Boston:

Kickstarter promo images, featuring Kurt Ankeny’s cover artwork.

I’m the editor of the books, plus contributing stories of The Blue Lobster…

…and other features, alongside the dozens of great stories from the artists and writers of the BCR.

Be a pal, won’t you, and help fund issues 4, 5 and 6 of Boston Powers?

Lunatic, now in L or XL

I got my copies of the “official” Fanfare edition of Lunatic, so I now have the book available in 2 sizes: the Fanfare version is 240 by 190 mm (about 8.5 x 7.5 inches). My first version was printed at 12 by 9 inches, so… bigger! I still have a few of those left for sale, the downside being it doesn’t have the 11-page “process” epilogue added for Fanfare. But they’re both $20 (plus $5 for shlepping and handling), so take your pick! Asking your local comics shop or bookstore to order it for you works too!

Order here – please specify which version you want (price is the same $20 = $5 shipping)

Please choose edition:

Pedro Moura revisits “Comics: a Global History”

Comics scholar Pedro Moura has posted an English-language summary of his 2014 Portuguese review of Comics: a Global History, 1968 to the Present. He describes the book as offering “an English-language map of worldwide comics’ production, and one which presents, as I wrote, ‘a smooth and broad sailing.’ Moura’s recap also includes a link to an interview he did with me and my co-author Alexander Danner.


“Palindramas” Returns

My first new “Palindrama” in 8 years! Between 2007 and 2009 I did a weekly webcomic, “Palindramas: Palindromes, Cartoonified.” Each week I created a cartoon built around an original palindrome. The entire text of the cartoon might be a palindrome, or just the punchline or caption. Formats varied between strips, panel gags, and full comics-pages (or even multi-page stories), and even a couple of animated GIFs.  You can see some of them here.  After a while, my brain started to hurt from coming up with these things, so I retired Palindramas. But this year, seeking a submission for the anthology, “One Page Stinkers,” I decided to try my hand at palindrome comics again. I came up with two Palindramas, to fit the theme “heat wave.” You can see it in the latest issue of the anthology… or right here:

Mazur - Heat Wave Palindramas