Three Anthologies

I have a story in each of three anthologies making their debut at MICE this year (well one is making its New England debut, the other two are totally legit).

In SubCultures, you will find Esperantists, a non-fiction piece about Esperanto speakers (especially native Esperanto speakers).  For this story I interviewd 5 Esperanto speakers and intercut their stories, along with a little history, and some Esperanto Fun Facts.

esperanto 1


Colonial Comics, vol. 1 will contain Captives: the story of Eunice and John Williams. Much on this site about that one already.

p1 jpg


Last but not least, in Hellbound V: the End, I have A History of the Hollywood Musical.  It’s a horror anthology, and my story is certainly off-kilter with the genre. I guess it’s a sort of a Twlight Zone-ish story.  Kind of.  Except with a dog.  I already posted page one, so here’s page two:AHOHM 2 jpgI’ll be at table D11 at MICE, by the way: that’s table 11 in Doucet Hall, named for guess who?  And look at this wonderful map by Shelli Paroline! miceMap2014


SubCultures Anthology

As a publisher (of Ninth Art Press), I’m very excited about this project: the SubCultures Anthology.

The cover of the book – by Box Brown

It was conceived and edited by Whit Taylor, and she has put together an outstanding collection of stories, by 36 different creators, about various subcultures.  I’m not only the publisher, I’m a contributor, with a story about Esperanto speakers (focusing on native Esperanto speakers); I’ll  post some more about my contribution soon. Meantime, to se lots of previews and to pre-order the book (it will be physically available in early September), go here.