Spring Cleaning Illustrated

For nearly 10 years now (!) I’ve been drawing illustrations for Sage Knight’s “Living Well” column in the Topanga Messenger.  I just finished one for Sage’s latest, on the theme of “Spring Cleaning.”  I had forgotten (maybe Sage did t00) that there was a piece on the same theme back in 2010.  Totally different articles, of course, but I thought it was fun to compare the two illustrations.

Old one first, new one below:

spring cleaningspring cleaning 2016 jpg

Latest illustrations….

For Sage Knight’s “Living Well” column in the Topanga Messenger.

birthday blessings jpg
“Allowing my spine to fold forward and my head to hang, I slowly open my eyes and see my feet and calves as though we are meeting for the first time. As I look down, I hear an inner voice say, “These are your feet; these are your legs. They’re small, but they’re strong.” I feel an overwhelming sense of love for my little feet. I like them. They’re pretty. I notice the clear nail polish on my toes and gently touch the hair on my calves. “
EV smaller jpg
“On February 27th, I called corporate for an update. A shipment of new cars was being loaded in Japan to set sail that weekend. He would not know until March 10th whether or not my car was on board. I waited some more. On March 10th, I received an email with a VIN, my baby’s numerical name. She was/is on her way into my arms.”


My latest illustration for Sage Knight’s “Living Well” column in the Topanga Messenger.

Oh, and it’s been a while since I posted any of these.  So here are some more from the past year:

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