Latest illustrations….

For Sage Knight’s “Living Well” column in the Topanga Messenger.

birthday blessings jpg
“Allowing my spine to fold forward and my head to hang, I slowly open my eyes and see my feet and calves as though we are meeting for the first time. As I look down, I hear an inner voice say, “These are your feet; these are your legs. They’re small, but they’re strong.” I feel an overwhelming sense of love for my little feet. I like them. They’re pretty. I notice the clear nail polish on my toes and gently touch the hair on my calves. “
EV smaller jpg
“On February 27th, I called corporate for an update. A shipment of new cars was being loaded in Japan to set sail that weekend. He would not know until March 10th whether or not my car was on board. I waited some more. On March 10th, I received an email with a VIN, my baby’s numerical name. She was/is on her way into my arms.”


My latest illustration for Sage Knight’s “Living Well” column in the Topanga Messenger.

Oh, and it’s been a while since I posted any of these.  So here are some more from the past year:

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