“lunatic” process, 7-8-16

One problem with this “blog the process” experiment is that I’m thinking about the blog too much as I’m working on the comic!  Oh well…. on the other hand it’s a motivation, to make sure I’m getting some work done so I’ll have something to post.

Today, gathering more photo research, like this:

Then some character sketching.  In this story I depict the character as an infant, as a girl of about 10, as a teenager, as a university student, in her 30s & 40s, so how to maintain some kind of continuity, which features are most characteristic?.7-8-16 chararcter scribbles

Thinking about style: how should I draw her eyes?  I’ve tended toward dots lately, but I think maybe i’ll draw full eyes this time.

7-7-16 character sketch


I went back to studies for the first page/first scene.

7-8-16 p1 rough



Second page study.  Not a bad sketch, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the style I’ll be drawing in, that’s my guess. Well, not much to do with it.  I’m intrigued by the idea of using conte or something like it for shading.

I’ve decided that this story is divided into 7 chapters, all fairly short, single scenes, though they gradually get longer.


Not terribly thrilled with my productivity today, but better than yesterday.  As long as I’m working on it, it’ll get done eventually…