Provincetown foliage drawings

This is the last batch of drawings from a trip to Provincetown last month.

After trying to draw moving water over and over, it was nice to switch to leaves and grasses, which hold relatively still.  This one was ink-wash (using the rotring pen and its non-waterproof ink, then a brush and water to create the wash):

foliage 1 6-16

Switching to watercolors.  Not very happy with the result.  I wanted to draw the grasses, but somehow got hung up on the “background,” the walkway with its flat stones.  The only part of this I really like is the yellow-ish grass running down the right-center of the picture.

foliage 2 6-16

I decided that if what I wanted to draw was the tall grasses, I wasn’t obligated to draw any background, I could just leave the white page.  Better:

foliage 3 6-16 foliage 4 6-16

And then decided to use pencil a bit, I guess it freed me up from drawing as much with the brush, and I could just use the watercolors to color:

foliage 5 6-16 foliage 6 6-16

Not sure if this one was finished, but it’ll have to be:

foliage 7 6-16


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