Yes… MORE Eunice Williams sketches and studies.


Studies for Eunice’s father John (a Puritan preacher).   How to draw this guy remains a question…. I’ll figure it out. 

Sketching the attitude of Eunice, wistfully watches some other children playing.


Study of Eunice playing.  I like it – it’s silly.


Just a little head I liked.


Studies for a couple of complicated action tableaus – scribbly, but they mean something to me!  Even THIS means something to me:

Eunice Williams story – more sketches and studies.

More preliminary work for the Eunice Willams story.  Here are some sketchbook pages of character studies, mostly of Eunice and her father John, then of a Mohawk character who takes care of Eunice after the raid.


It’s actually been quite a long time since I’ve drawn a story, and I’m searching for a new style, or at least for the style I want for this story…


I don’t want to draw this story in as “realistic” a style as the sketch above would indicate though.  The process of stylization I’m going for can be seen in the difference between this study…


…and the approach to the characters on this page of studies:

The Eunice Williams story – sketches

For an upcoming anthology on the theme of Colonial New England History (see also, I’m drawing the story of Eunice Williams & her father John, who were among those kidnapped by French & Native American raiders in Deerfield, Mass, in 1704.  Here are some preliminary sketches:

A longhouse, the dwelling of the Mohawk indians of the era.

character & costume studies for Mohawks and Eunice

head of Mohawk raider for page 1

Longhouse interior with Eunice and new family

More soon!