Lunatic Chapter 9 Process: Spatter, part 2

I’ve gone back and added a few pages to the final chapter of Lunatic,… a chance to do more spattering!



The globe-y thing in the middle is supposed to be casting light, so I want to shade the character’s clothing and face using ink-spatter. I mask off the areas that will NOT be shaded, using lots of little pieces of blue tape (and a piece of paper to block off the rest of the page):

Then pull out the old toothbrush-dipped-in-black ink and flick it at the paper a bunch of times:

Take away the tape, and:

I want to have some effects in the swirly images in the middle too. So I cut shapes in paper for spattering:

And I do some pretty heavy spattering, getting almost solid blacks:

But I want to have some lighter spatter around these shapes, so I cut some more shapes, this time in a piece of vellum:

i spatter, cutting away a little more as I go to get a somewhat gradated effect:

Then I want to create the glow from the globe, so I mask the globe off with a circle of paper, and cut a slightly larger round hole in a larger piece of paper, and spatter white ink in the exposed area:

At this point in the process I got too into what I was doing, and forgot to take more pictures! But basically I kept cutting/tearing away at that circular hole, spattering more white ink around, the globe. Final result:

And more spattering, from the next page. I experimented with different masking techniques, and for this I decided to go with vellum again. So, pencils:


Vellum stencil:

Then a long process of spattering, using torns bit of blue tape along the way so that some areas ended up getting more spatter than others, trying to create a “core shadow” affect and give more volume to the shading:


Again, I got too involved in what I was doing to keep documenting the process, but a lot more spattering to create a “moon” and “moonglow,” with circular stencils similar to the previous page. Final result: