“Lunatic” process, 1-9-17: More moons

Still playing catch-up, in a way, after the 3 month layoff.  I’ve done pages of moon studies before.  But now I am a little more purposeful, because these studies are for pages I am actually about to draw: the gradual appearance of the face in the moon.  This page of sketches is not in the correct sequence.  I also took the opportunity to use black acrylic instead of India ink for the night sky.  I think I like the texture of it.

moon-clouds-studies-1-9-17Here they are rearranged into a rough sequence (and I copied and pasted the clouds in, where necessary for the flow of it:)moon-cloud-sequence

It won’t be a strip like that in the final — though looking at it makes me consider whether it should be.  I’ll draw the final versions now, taking a little more care with the placement of the clouds, and making their shapes more consistent.  And lighten up those craters a bit, next pass.  Of