“Lunatic” 9-7-16: Avoidance

Having been quite pleased with myself for my work on page 2, I made any excuse possible to avoid getting started on page 3.  I was able to procrastinate all day, really, squeezing my available work time down to a little over an hour at the end of the day, to guarantee the failure I was afraid of (because I would be rushing it).  Three attempts at the image, all disappointing.

I’ve changed the composition since the earlier sketches, so that you see more of the carriage from above, to get the nurse’s hands in (I think it makes a better transition from the side-view of her pushing the carriage).  This means the baby’s face is smaller, which makes it a little harder to get the expression right:


Terrible expression.  Terrible carriage wheel



Working on getting the tonalities better here. I have also decided to switch to charcoal paper, with that woven texture, because I liked it in earlier sketches, has a real “fine-art” look!  But, makes it harder to work on fine details.  The expression is here is better, but the drawing is muddy.


I actually like this expression pretty well.  I switched back to regular drawing paper, but looking at it here on the screen I liked the way the texture worked in the middle pictures, especially in the sidewalk on the upper right, where I smudged it up a bit.  Better than the scribbly lines in the bottom image.

Oh well, at least I did something today.  Hopefully I can nail this tomorrow.

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