“Lunatic” process, 9/23-24… rethinking p 4

My first pass at page 4 was acceptable as a drawing, but I felt it lacked the drama I want for the sequence.  So I’m planning to force the perspective more, to feel the baby’ point-of-view, looking up…  and enlarge the moon.   Tried some little thumbnails:


But I really get a better idea by messing around with the actual image in photoshop, skewing the buildings and enlarging the moon.  Here;s a comparison of the two versions:


First version
First version
new version

The chimneys are kind of messed up now, and the perspective isn’t exactly what it should be, and I think I won’t have the cloud overlapping the chimney like that… but compared side-by-side, I think the new way is better, much more dramatic.  So I will re-draw it with that composition!

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