“Lunatic” process, 9-21-16. Finishing page 4. Final? Maybe.

“Inking” with black, white and gray acrylic.  Plus a little charcoal pencil.


A little white goache for the smoke… and done!


Well, I worry that I may have overworked the bricks and roof… so much patterning it looks like it has some kind of pox.  Not sure about that.  But I do start to feel like it, while the picture is fine on its own, it doesn’t have the impact I want.  I want to try it with a more forced angle and make the moon bigger, so you really feel it LOOMING over you (from the baby’s POV).

So… final version?  I don’t think so!!

It’s going to take me a while to make any progress though… other deadlines are really starting to get gnarly.

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