“Lunatic” progress: 9-3-16

…finished page one.

1-1flat 2 touchups


I wasn’t feeling so happy after finishing this page.  Didn’t really feel in control of the shading with conte and charcoal… felt muddy.  Even though it’s a fairly elaborate drawing, I still felt I rushed in places.  Not happy with the figure and the vehicles, after all those sketches.

But… better not to pay attention to those negative thoughts and move on.  Progress, not perfection!

(Still I might re-draw it at some point… MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHHAAAAHAHAAA!!!)

And I even had time to do some sketches of the next page.

9-3  p 2 sketch 1

9-3  p 2 sketch 2

just fine-tuning the composition/placement of architecture in the background:

9-3  p 2 sketch 3


Although I used ink-spatter technique in the bg of my first sketch of this page, and had ideas of trying different techniques from page to page, I think that’ll be too much, it’ll be cacaphonous.  I’m going to stick with conte and ink again for this page.  There will still be a variety of media, as I’m going to use acrylics for the images of the moon, but that should be enough.  I’ll try the spattering again later, probably for chapter 3.