“lunatic” process , 7-11-16

More photo reference:

The first chapter is seven pages.  Each a single image, so if I was drawing this as a regular panel-page comic, it would probably be one page, or maybe two.  I don’t have to thumbnail page layouts, but I realize I do have to think more than usual about spreads and page turns.  I thumbnailed the 7 pages out with that in mind (spoiler alert: this is totally illegible): thumbnail chapter 1

The chapters are mostly short like that, but longer toward the end.  If I was doing this as a standard comic, it might be about… 9-10 pages?  But in this format, maybe about 45-50 pages.

Besides that, I worked exclusively on sketches for page 2 today:

7-11-16 p2nursemaid 7-11-167-11-16 p2 27-11-16 p2 3

The composition probably more like that last one, though now that I see it, it looks a little cramped.  Maybe the one above is better.

Not sure yet about the style this will be drawn in.  For this page, I want the background to be looser, not to command too much attention away from the figures, and hopefully emphasize the pram over the nursemaid….



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