Hooves of Death: One last re-draw

Finished drawing the last page of this story, but I had some UN-finished business as well: I had grown disatisfied with the splash panel I drew… oh, nearly six years ago now:

p1 splash panel jpg

Problems: the horse is too pudgy, and looks more like a stuffed donkey to me.  Also not happy with the way I drew the skirt.  I’ve done a lot more drawing of horses and clothing in the past couple months, so I thought it was worth updating. And take another crack at the Ghost flying in, why not?

I used a lightbox, so I could just re-draw the figures, and have them in correct positions to insert digitally into the page, without having to re-letter, etc. Other than perhaps the tail, I think everything is better:

splash redraw grayscale jpg


Or, if you prefer to compare via an animated gif:


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